An easy and affordable narrowcasting solution.
Without recurring costs.

About ScreenPlayer

ScreenPlayer is based in Amsterdam The Netherlands. We produce and provide standard and custom screencasting solutions. With our player software we are able to provide you a working, easy and maintainable narrowcasting solution for a fraction of the costs of the usual systems.

Our solution is extremely easy to setup, fast and can hold different kinds of media. Suitable for the majority at a one-off fee, so no recurring costs. Buy one or multiple ScreenPlayers, plug in the power, upload your media using a browser and start narrowcasting today.

With ScreenPlayer you (or we) can also develop custom narrowcasting solutions. The API enables you to fully control your ScreenPlayer from other applications.

Order a ScreenPlayer

A hardware and software solution for only € 150 ex. VAT one-off, no hidden fees, no recurring costs.


Contact ScreenPlayer

Feel free to email us your narrowcasting case, questions, order or support requests. We are more than happy to help out.